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About Me

Senior Core Java Developer with 10+ years experience on distributed and complex Enterprise Applications.

I have an extensive background in the Java technology, architecture and design of Object-Oriented Software. Experience in performance critical and low latency applications. If you want to discover more about my professional career have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

I’m a great enthusiast of technology and innovation with creativity and ability for work with abstract concepts. I am highly proactive, entrepreneurial and I love working with Agile teams in challenging environments. I love finance as much as software engineering and data science.

My past experience running my own company (6 years as CTO of Ematiz Tecnologia) have give me the ability to communicate effectively to all company’s stakeholders.

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Twitter: @ajmolinacom

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/amolinagutierrez

GitHub: https://github.com/antonio-molina

StackOverFlow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/5207281/antonio-josé-molina-gutiérrez

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This is my personal blog. Opinions are my own and not the view of my employer.